Kelp Engine

What is Kelp Engine?

Kelp Engine is the Advisory Company of Charles Brian Quinn, also known as CBQ. CBQ advises businesses and leaders on growth and value creation with a speciality in technology, software, engineering, and leadership, through advisory consulting services, board membership, and investments.

CBQ advises leaders on building cultures of excellence, fostering and growing companies and technology and software teams that create working software that deliver real business value. He has helped grow engineering teams to handle maintaining what they've already developed while forging ahead with the "new" greenfield development.

CBQ loves software development, and truly believes that great developers working as close as possible with stakeholders and product owners, using a lightweight, culturally-appropriate agile process, and teaching and learning from each other is the best way to build products and services from apps to APIs to automated business processes. As an instructor and then leader of some of the best developer instructors in the world, he's passionate about teaching and building quality software and great teams.

"I have seen very high-functioning engineering and software development teams and it gives me goosebumps when it happens — when real product owners with real domain knowledge start translating functionality into stories, test cases, interfaces, and even working code — it's a beautiful thing."

Services provided:

  • Engineering / Software Team Culture Defining, Building, and Maintaining
  • Engineering / Software Developer Compensation and Career Path
  • Hiring and Interviewing, Developing Junior, Senior Individual Contributors, Managers, and Leaders
  • Software Development Project Management, Coaching, Training, Kickoffs, and Turnarounds
  • Technology Selection and Strategy
  • Part-Time or Fractional Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), VP / Director of Engineering / Software Development
  • Startup Growth, Acceleration, and Optimization
  • Team Alignment, KPIs, OKRs, and other Alignment Methodologies
  • Direct Investment and Technical Advisor or Board Advisor services

Charles Brian Quinn

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